High Performance Tuned Muffler: EVO 46-60

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Pilots who fly performance-oriented glow engines can now maximize the power from their Evolution® 46-52 and small case 60-size engines. The Evolution 46-60 is the only performance muffler to utilize mini pipe technology that’s easy to use. Pilots simply have to replace their existing stock mufflers to achieve maximum horsepower.

The Evolution® 46-60 maximizes the performance of our 46-52 and small case 60-size engines through the use of mini pipe technology to boost your glow engine's horsepower.

  • Ready-to-use—simply replace your existing stock muffler
  • Bolts on for instant horsepower


RPM Range: At or above 15,000 rpm
Mounting Dimensions: 7.25 in. (184mm) from the center of the exhaust port to the exhaust outlet.
Muffler Type: Tuned Muffler